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Hofman Blower

Removing a Screw Pump

Rebuilt vertical turbine pump ready for shipping


Hoffman Blower


Powerhouse Mechanical supports our water and wastewater customers through rotating

equipment troubleshooting and repair. 

We specialize in

  • Pump repair

  • Blower repair

  • Gearbox repair

Gear Box.jpg

However, our capabilities span across all types of rotating equipment, large and small. Our service team can perform scheduled preventive maintenance providing valuable equipment status reports while keeping you aware of the condition of your equipment. We will help you see what repairs are coming to help you better manage budgets.

We work with original equipment manufacturers and independent distributors alike in order to provide the most reliable and cost-effective repair to your water and wastewater facilities. We offer rush emergency service to get your plant operating after an unexpected outage. We employ a full-service 21,000 square foot machine shop to support repairs when parts are obsolete or lead times are too long.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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