Powerhouse has spent the majority of its time serving the Utility sector through the years. We employ a group of seasoned technical directors, turbine mechanics and diaphragmists who can quickly ascertain your equipment and keep your outage on schedule. Valve work can often become a challenge when it comes to parts availability. As turbine repair specialists, we have found the market is lacking in mid-sized companies who are as experienced and knowledgeable as the largest turbine repair facilities, but are far more flexible.


We can handle any and all aspects of turbine repair,

from a full major/minor inspection on smaller

units to support roles on the big units,

  • Field machining

  • Diaphragm repair

  • Valve repair

    • Stop

    • Throttle

    • Control

    • Combined intercept, etc. 

    • Oil seal

    • Deflector repair

    • Babbitted bearing repair


Our machine shop can help bridge the gap to manufacture bushings, stems and other parts which are obsolete or unavailable in your regular procurement channels. We are familiar with nitralloy and other high-chrome alloys along with the heat treatments that are required for proper wear and lubrication.


We generally serve the three primary areas of power generation:

  • Fossil

  • Nuclear

  • Hydro

  • Gas

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.


Refurbished Cylindrical Startup Valve Basket

Lifting Beam Sandblasting, NDE Testing, Painting, Load Testing and Automating