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Blower repair:  whether positive displacement or centrifugal . We are the regional factory authorized repair center for Gardner Denver, Hoffman, or Lamson blowers.

Blowers and vacuum pumps in our repertoire are Bush, Nash, Vooner, Rabuschi , Dresser Roots, Sutterbuilt, Kaiser, Howden, HIS, Houston Industrial Machine, and Atlas Copco.

Repaired in our shop, OEM parts, or parts machined in our shop as needed to meet expeditious deliveries. Bearings, Seals, shafting, impellars, Intemediate sections.

  • Always checking total indicator runout and  balance

  •  Nondestructive examination  to check for part integrity

  • All blowers tested in our facility to insure excellent results

  • Start up, alignment, vibration testing, and full installation is available

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