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Core Values

Flexible Solutions with| Quality | Safety | Trust | Respect | and Integrity

POWERHOUSE MECHANICAL was created in 1995 when Dewey Gant and CV Bailes, experts in the field of turbine machinery, realized the need for better service in the rotating component repair industry.

With Bailes’ experience at CP&L , Progress Energy and Duke power along with Gantt‘s experience as a General Electric diaphragm and bucket Specialist, they launched POWERHOUSE to help fill the gap between the original equipment manufacturers and the end-user.

In 1998 John Andrews join the team with various experience in and  around the power and petrochemical chemical industry.

In 2007 Powerhouse bought Charlotte machine. This merger created some great synergies and diversity for both companies. Their specialty being machined parts.

In 2016 Powerhouse bought  Doc Services group from Compact Power. This created another diversity and synergy that has Powerhouse rebuilding and repairing machine tools.

POWERHOUSE can solve many problems and is willing and able to assist our customers based on their needs.

POWERHOUSE services include  :

  • Machine a variety of parts as big as 65” OD , 20 feet long and smaller.

  • Upfit your machine tool with state of the art CNC controls and repair your ways and ball screws.

  • Measure  or align within 0.004 of an inch at a radius of 125 feet.

  • Field machine any bore or flat surface.

  • Design and build specialty machines and skids.

  • Repair your Turbine, Pump, Blower, and or Gearbox.


Please give us an opportunity  to help.

Machinist (Millwright)

Company Overview

Powerhouse Mechanical Repair is a small business that supports and services companies for over 27 years. We provide machining repairs for turbines, pumps, blowers, gearboxes in the utilities & industrial sector. We have technical expertise in steam turbines and rotating equipment. We are machinists, millwrights, designers, and fabricators. An excellent place for an opportunity to advance in your career path.

Machinist (Millwright)

  • Ability to assemble & install machines then test them to make sure they are working correctly.

  • Knows how to perform routine maintenance as well as test and can identify/repair machines if there are problematic parts.

  • Can dismantle older machines and replace them with new ones.

  • Understands company and customer goals and can apply these goals to review drawings, instructions, blueprints, or samples to machine a part accurately.

  • Knows how to measure using calipers micrometers and user the precision measuring tools.

  • Experience in maintaining/using/programming manuals, semi-automated tool, and machines (lathes, grinders, mills etc.)

  • Ability to read blueprints, schematics, and manuals.

  • Willing to learn and to teach others


  • Past Millwright experience

  • Excellent mathematical skills and strong attention to detail

  • Ability to come to the CLT office

  • Can work in a fast-paced environment

  • Can work as a team player

  • Good at adhering to strict safety guidelines and cognizant of safety risks

  • Millwright certificate or prior training program (optional)


  • Healthcare

  • 401k

  • Paid training

  • Vacation

Contact Information

If you are interested, please contact

  • John Andrews (President) 704-523-5265 Ext 222

  • Mike Whitaker (Shop Manager) 704-523-5265 Ext 223



Skip was a great person and valuable partner to Powerhouse Mechanical Repair. All who knew him were aware of his integrity and the respect he had for his fellow man, both personally and in business. He is sorely missed, but not forgotten.

Skip’s grandfather started ‘Charlotte Machine Company’ (circa 1914), which was and remains the oldest surviving business of its type in Mecklenburg County. Skip and the rest of Charlotte Machine Co. joined forces with Powerhouse in 2007 to build a synergy that benefited both companies in a struggling economy.

Skip was a major force in growing a business when most were scaling back or shutting the doors. He will be remembered as an honest, steadfast man in his beliefs, while living in a society of changing values.

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