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Site Services


Powerhouse Mechanical’s rebuilding and remanufacturing programs can give your old machine new life. A rebuilt machine will deliver 100% or more of its original production level, with tolerances equal to or exceeding original specifications.

We approach our programs with our customers in mind and can accommodate those who prefer to use the standard replacement parts and have their machine brought back to original operating condition. Or we can use the latest technology to improve the performance and reduce maintenance cost.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Our team of highly trained service technicians is dedicated to the machine tool industry. With over a 100 years of remanufacturing and retrofit experience, our service technicians are personally committed to your satisfaction.

Site Services

In addition to handling your as needed repair or preventive maintenance needs, Powerhouse Mechanical can provide a complete on-site maintenance team who possess the qualifications and skills to ensure minimum downtime of your machines. Our on-site technicians are capable of handling your emergency breakdowns, preventive maintenance, rebuilds, retrofits, and engineering needs.

Used Machinery

Looking for a particular piece of equipment? Powerhouse Mechanical can locate it, inspect it, and provide a condition report. We can arrange for its move and install it. If a machine needs rebuilding or retrofitting, we can complete the work and install it at your facility.


CNC/PLC Control Retrofit

Powerhouse Mechanical Machine Tool Services can modify your original machine for maximum improvement of its performance. This may include adding selected state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) devices, quality control monitors, scales, sensors, or a wide variety of other available upgrades. Your old machine can almost always be modernized to meet today’s high standards.


Machine Tool Repair

Powerhouse Mechanical will provide a written evaluation of your machinery and operations. If repairs are necessary, a detailed quote for service and parts will be provided. Once the machinery is operating properly, a preventative maintenance program can be implemented.

Powerhouse Mechanical’s highly trained team of service technicians can repair your machinery right the first time to reduce your machine downtime and improve overall machine production. In conjunction with various manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations, Powerhouse Mechanical can develop a comprehensive, preventative maintenance program. Preventative maintenance requires more than just checking and changing the vital fluids. Virtually all machines require additional attention to detail by making fine adjustments to ensure proper operation. Through Powerhouse Mechanical’s careful diagnostic evaluation, we develop a recommended preventative maintenance program including critical inspection of both minor and major components for longevity and efficiency.

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