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Nozzle repairs are and seal faces are surface ground and lapped in for good seal.


Normal turnaround inspection includes:

1)  open

2) clean

3) inspect, measure, and NDE

4) valves

  a) bushings

  b) stems

  c) seats

5) Shaft and rotor

  a) TIR

  b) balance

  c) visual inspection, measurements, and documentation

6) Governors are fully inspected and certified.

7) Trip mechanisms.

8) Trip and throttle valves.

Powerhouse has over 25 years of experience with various industrial turbines. Whether it is steam, gas, water, or wind, turbines . Powerhouse can provide excellent service to any of these categories. Our employees are dedicated to giving the best service and recommending our best knowledge to ensure you receive the best repair or service.

We can provide the service at our machine shop or on-site at your facility. Our  service can be a small outage assessment to a full rebuild of your turbines. Over the years, Powerhouse has serviced and seen many different situations and successfully ensured our customers assets. If you feel that your turbine may need some support, give us a call to discuss your turbine needs.

After removal, the teardown and assessment take place. Once customer approval for repair takes place materials and parts are ordered. Some parts are made at Powerhouse as needed based on price and delivery.

We are familiar with all kinds of turbines like TGM, Siemens, & ABB

Elliott, Terry, Coppus, Ingersoll Rand, Westinghouse, Moore: Turnkey removal repair and install or full- service field work open and close inspection.

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