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TGM Brazil can design turbine and gear boxes to your steam needs. We stock parts in house. 

Powerhouse is the OEM repair center for Gardner Denver Hoffman Lamson centrifugal blowers, TGM turbines, and division of WEG industries.


Powerhouse employs a number of experienced millwrights who specialize in all types of rotating equipment repair, both in the shop and in the field. While steam turbines are our specialty, we also repair :

  • All styles of pumps

  • Blowers 

  • Gearboxes

  • Gear pumps to the largest vertical turbine pump

  • Etc.

We’ve got you covered. If your equipment has some age, we can often reproduce obsolete parts in our machine shop.​

Our millwrights will ensure that your equipment is repaired back to within factory or industry standard specifications to give you the most life possible out of your equipment. We can dynamically balance your rotating assembly, which is often the best way to have a smoothly-running device that lasts and is easy on bearings.

We often perform the above mentioned functions in the field, where our millwrights will:

  • Disassemble

  • Field machine if needed

  • Determine root cause of failure

  • Reassemble

  • Align

  • Vibration check your equipment.

Additionally, this type of work is often done under emergency or unexpected shutdown conditions.  If you find yourself in need of a group of expert equipment repair professionals. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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