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High Pressure Vessel Head Flat Seal

Powerhouse employs a group of field machinists that can help you with even the most complex field machining project. Whether using our portable mill to level a pump base or line-boring a multi-stage pump, we are an experienced group of machinists who own our equipment and can mobilize quickly, often same-day, to help you with your on-site machining needs.


  • We own several boring bars from Ø2” to Ø5” and up to 8’ long (custom boring bars can be fabricated for extreme situations). Our mag base hydraulic drill collection includes #5MT, #3MT and #1MT Laminas. For journal repair, our journal squirrel can handle a wide range of diameters and lengths.

  • Stud and bolt extraction is a specialty of ours and we have several kits outfitted and ready to hit the door which can handle most sizes up to 3.5” diameter bolts or studs.

  • Lastly, we are experts at facing flanges and beveling pipe. We work closely with several local rental equipment vendors for this type equipment, since there are so many possible size combinations. Both ID and OD mount equipment are commonly used by us to restore faces on pipe and heat exchanger flanges.


Give us a call today to discuss your needs – we’re here to help you get back up & running quickly, often within a day or two!

On-Site Stud Extraction

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