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Small Steam Turbine Shaft


Precision Flange Machining on 65 in OD Filter Vessel

Small production run


Powerhouse Mechanical Repair, Inc. merged with Charlotte Machine Company in 2007.  At the time of merger, Charlotte Machine, founded in 1914, was the oldest machine shop in Charlotte.  Merging the two companies was a definite win-win for both companies and their respective customer bases, bringing different experience, machines and customers together to serve a larger market.

Charlotte Machine was primarily an OEM supplier of machined parts, but also managed a good amount of R&D and prototype work for their broad customer base.  Powerhouse’s machine shop was more of a support service for our rotating equipment repair shop and served as a job shop for local customers needing a small part made or repaired.

We perform OEM quantity machined parts, R&D/prototype work, job shop services and, of course, machining parts for our rotating equipment repair business when the OEM parts are unavailable, too expensive or have undesirable lead times.

Our primary equipment includes a large engine lathe (Ø65” x 17’ between centers), (2) Bullard vertical turret lathes, a large #6MT Universal Horizontal Mill with table size of 60”x100”x142”, (2) CNC mills, (1) CNC lathe, surface grinder, cylindrical grinder and other assorted manual mills and lathes.

We work with all types of materials and can provide a number of additional services, such as coatings, heat treating, anodizing, etc.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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Machining Journal on 60″ Multi Stage Turbine Rotor

Machined Parts



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